Sasha Lytvyn

Artist - Teacher - Researcher

Originally from Ukraine. Currently is based in Portugal as a freelance performing artist and teacher. Has a master degree in Social sciences. Additionally studied Laban analysis, Axis Syllabus, contact improvisation, authentic movement, embodiment and somatics, gaga movement language, mindfulness in Ukraine and abroad.


Grew up on the Ukrainian periphery, started to dance while Ukraine lacked any contemporary dance education.

In 2007, moved and pursued academic endeavors in social sciences focusing on body expression. There found regional experimental theater that fostered the development of contemporary dance basics and techniques.

In 2010 joined the theater performing assembly which marked the beginning of a professional career.

In 2015, joined the performing arts association "UviMnkeni", since then started to perform on national level and collaborate with foreign organizations and companies (such as Ukrainian contemporary dance platform, Lublin dance theater, Linz University of Art and Design, Candoco Dance Company, German Posttheater, European Dancehouse Network, Aerowaves, etc).

Since 2018, as creator, contributed to the development of four works (two of which were made in collaboration) in frames of contextual art and within the methodology of research.

In 2019 was selected for an art incubator of emerging choreographers from Ukraine, Poland and Austria to present their works. Concurrently, was discovering diversity and inclusion through work and study, expanding aesthetic dance stereotypes.

In 2020 successfully completed the US Advanced Laban Analysis program. Driven to learn more about ways to use imagination in dance and to work with non-professionals, traveled to Israel to study Gaga.

In 2021 started to work on the border between performing and media art.

In 2022 fled from Urkraine to Portugal.

In Portugal started research on vulnerability
and now is looking for opportunities to continue this work.

As a conceptual artist experiments with the border between performers and audience,
performing and media art, narratives and movement, superficial and abstract.

As a teacher uses effort, flow, imagination, sensory perception of bodies of any experience.
Works with topics of outsiders, wellbeing, periphery, authenticity and lately vulnerability.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Portfolio


Teaching approach usually includes breath- and bodywork, interaction, movement and mindfulness practices through imagination, improvisation, vigilance, playfulness, effort and flow to synchronize mind and body and tune into the deeper level of perception.

All workshops usually opened to various audiences regardless of their experience and suitable as studio and retreat activities.

Latest workshops dedicated to vulnerability embodiment.


Found her interest in body expression through academic studies. Accordingly seeks the contextual backgrounds of the idea in research and references her work to conceptual art giving priority to the idea over the form.

Since April 2022 works with topic of vulnerability united by framework RAWork, which consists of three parts:

  • vulnerability embodiment representing movement workshops
  • vulnerability expression representing video archive
  • vulnerability embracing representing research and performance

Vulnerability Embodiment

Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path. By Brené Brown

Those workshops are dedicated to explore raw self through embodiment supported by collective presence and consist of 5 phases: sensing, breathing, moving, connecting and reflecting. Sensing is soft tuning into body senses such as sight, taste, sound, touch, smell within mind focus. Breathing is a basic pattern to activate the body. Moving starts with a structured check-up of the inner self state transmitted into motion inside out further. Connecting is responsible for physical interaction with respect to personal boundaries. Finally reflection is time for noting, sharing and gratitude for the journey.

Practice adjustable to different audiences, spaces and formats as:

  • 2-hours basic session
  • 1-day expanded retreat
  • 5-days deep course

This experience offers the gentle power of vulnerability for everyone whose desire for something new as strong as fear to show up for it. The path of breakthrough goes through the parts that have been rejected. It's an invitation to witness them.